We facilitate your expats better!

Why DTC?

The Netherlands accommodates many internationally operating companies which in turn frequently employ people from the originating country within the Netherlands. These days it's 'One Europe, One World' and because of this, the borders in the company sectors are becoming ever smaller and more vague. There are many mergers and fusions taking place and the world economy is changing constantly.

After seeing the problems which it's possible for expats to come up against, DTC was set up. Good and specialised guidance for expats is not frequently available within a company because this is enormously time-consuming and expensive. Companies must take into account all the cultural aspects, practical information and the realities of effective familiarisation with the new environment and its inhabitants. From the very moment this addressed, a large weight is lifted from the shoulders of the employer and the employee receives the induction and information they really need.

Does your HR department spend a lot of time managing important business for your expats?

DTC Facilities can bring outstanding guidance and direction to the entire process so that your department can concentrate on its core business.

For many international companies and their employees in the Netherlands, the procedures in place in the country can prove to be a source of irritation. This can have a detrimental effect on the attraction of the Netherlands as a place to work and do business. Great importance and great value is placed by companies on the finding and retention of good employees and as such, the circumstances for these employees and their families must also stand high on the list of importance. For this reason, DTC have taken the initiative to remove these obstacles for expats because such hindrances can have a profound negative effect on the Expat and the company itself.

Thats why DTC:
  • 30% to 50% lower costs!
  • Up to 50% lower rates of sickness!
  • 100% more certainty!
  • 100% clarity in invoicing - everything is clear and concise on one invoice!
  • 50% to 70% time-saving - we take care of everything!
  • 100% Satisfied customers - with us almost nothing is impossible