We facilitate your expats better!


DTC takes care of all the business involved in the detachment of the expat, fully in keeping with the wishes, needs and desires of the international company and its employees. Just as the finding and retention of good employees is of great importance and value to any company, so must the hospitality and environment for these employees and their families stand high on the list of importance. DTC can fill an important function in this.

'Facilities' are professional services by people for people, thereby making the work of the other possible. The facility managers of DTC-Facilities do this on a personal basis, both with the prime customer, as well as with the expat concerned. We offer our services in a 'tailor-made' package where the direction is dictated by the wishes of the detachee.

To produce a suitable package, we always choose an integrated approach. We select the best resources and services from our huge range of possibilities. A few examples of this are as follows:

  • The provision of a suitable ICT infrastructure.
  • The equipping, adaptation and security of the home or company premises.
  • The organisation, implementation and, if required, the sub-contracting of the removal.
  • Assistance with the finding of suitable living space.
  • The planning and organisation of the detachee(s) journey, either with or without the family.
  • Assistance with the finding of suitable training, integration or language courses.
  • Full support in the finding of the correct childcare, extra-curricular care and domestic support.
  • Insurance services.
  • Taxation services.
  • Choices for telecommunications including the retention of your phone number from the country of origin. Keep in touch with one easy rate.
  • Storage and protection of data/goods in keeping with the highest standards.

With us, discretion and the security of both the expat and the company are of paramount importance.