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About DTC

DTC-Facilities are a Dutch subsidiary company of the British venture DeTaCare, DTC. DTC were set up in the United Kingdom in 1998, by Hans Kessels who still leads the venture there.

Over the years, much experience has been gained in the ICT, High-tech and Finance markets. Customers from the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal are getting to know us better for our services and facilities.

Our Senior Facility Manager Frans van Dijk will represent DTC with DTC-Facilities in the Netherlands.

DTC-Facilities are a venture with a fixed core of well trained and greatly experienced all-round facility managers. They are supported by a group of passionate and driven part-time support staff. Together, they offer you the optimum service.

Outstanding service and a personal approach are the keywords for DTC-Facilities. Our facility managers are multi-lingual and are contactable 24 hours a day. They also bring a wealth of experience from previous employers, but they all have one thing in common:

No obstacle is too great.