We facilitate your expats better!


DTC-Facilities is specialized in the guidance of Expats in a professional manner. DTC is suitable for all companies and expats in all sectors of industry, who for a certain time are coming to work, live and operate in the Netherlands.

DTC is primarily aimed at the working expat but can also be used for the entire family. A pleasant environment is also of the upmost importance to the family after all. If the family as a whole doesn't feel at home, it can also mean the expat himself isnít able to focus and function fully at work and this can lead to a lower standard of work.

We're also able to help companies and expats who are already located in the Netherlands but are finding it difficult to pick up the threads of their situation and you are heartily welcomed by DTC.

DTC-Facilities aim for improvement of work processes and organisations as well as respect for individual choices. The advantage of this way of working is that we take all facilitation aspects entirely from your hands.

The majority of our work is on a contract basis and concerns organisational work, recommendations, consultancy, training and the supply of information and education.

DTC provides a tailor-made job without surprises afterwards.